In the Stillness


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As we walk this life of faith, we all experience moments of loss, disappointment, and crushed expectations.  These difficult circumstances can actually lead us into moments of quiet, resolved hope.  The stillness that follows our initial pain in the midst of our loss is critical; this is where faith shines most brightly.  In the stillness comes the complete and utter assurance that the hard work of faith is finished, and the rest is left to God.  This is not the end of your story, but rather the beginning of a bright, new day.  Keep living.  Keep moving forward.  The One who cannot fail us goes before us.

2 reviews for In the Stillness

  1. Lori

    Thank you so much, Debbie, for the copy of In the Stillness. I sat down, with a block of time set
    aside, to read it in one sitting. The Lord has me parked in Chapter 1! I've been deeply challenged
    and inspired already. Thank you for the gift, of the book, and of your openness and honesty about
    your journey with Jesus and His will. No doubt, many will be touched and changed because of it. I
    am certainly one. Blessings to you!

  2. Tiawana

    I finished your book IN THE STILLNESS, and it was wonderful! I had a friendcall today for prayer and it was perfect for her
    situation so I dropped it off to her. I know God wants her to read it! -Tiawana

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