Revival Fire

To the degree that we submit ourselves to God and His ways, we will see revival arise and spread.

Disappointment Can Be a Thief

Disappointment is a natural consequence of daring to hope. We hope for all kinds of things in life: we hope our jobs will produce income to pay all the bills, and we hope our families remain healthy. We hope our aging parents have life and vigor until their last days on earth. We hope our…

His Ways, Not Mine

The Bible is filled with accounts of unlikely men and women used by God. “Instead, God chose things the world considers foolish in order to shame those who think they are wise” (1 Corinthians 1:27, NLT).

Restorative Love

God’s desired outcome for us is His restorative love.

The Power of Grace

To live in the midst of God’s grace is to live in His ability and strength despite our own weaknesses.

Slaves No More

As we seek Christ’s approval above all else, we will find freedom.

Competing Loves

But our calling is to aggressively uproot those cares that compete for our affections and continually turn our hearts to God.

Run Toward the Roar

The more we focus on God’s plans and purpose, the more courage rises within us.

Below the Surface

God is challenging us to look below the surface and attend to what’s unseen.

The Invitation

God invites us to let go of our well-established routines and trust Him for new experiences ahead of us.

A Stickerless Life

He is the Creator; we are the Creation. His opinion matters; ultimately, ours – and that of others – does not.